Advertising Rate Guide

Local targeted advertising produces results for your products or service.

At the Grapevine, You can advertise your business, promote your cause or just give a shout out to someone you just adore. These ads are not only an affordable way of reaching your community, but they are always right here in our own backyard...

Advertising Slots


  • $250/month
  • Maximum exposure
  • Top of all pages
  • 728w x 90h pixels
  • Contact Us

Upper Medium

  • $225 $117/month
  • Appears on the upper left and right of most pages
  • 300w x 250h pixels
  • Ad is available!


  • $225/month
  • Appears on the left and right of most pages
  • 160w x 600h pixels
  • Ad is available!

Lower Medium

  • $175/month
  • Appears on the lower left and right of most pages
  • 300w x 250h pixels
  • Contact Us


  • $195 $57/month
  • Maximum exposure
  • Bottom of all pages
  • 728w x 90h pixels
  • Ad is available!

Setup Fee

  • $69 Waived

Ad Creation

  • If you don't have artwork available, we can provide this service
  • Starting at $57 for static (non moving)
  • Starting at $99 for flash
    Contact Us
    to discuss this option further


Each advertising slot contains a maximum of 10 ads. Ads will rotate every 2 minutes; when the page is refreshed; or when the user clicks on another page within the website. If you desire exclusivity, you will need to purchase all 10 advertising slots within that position.

Prepay a minimum of 3 months and receive a 10% discount.

All ads must be pre-approved.
Keep it family friendly.
No excessive blinking.

.jpg, .gif or .swf files accepted
(72dpi, 256 colors)

Animated GIFs are accepted, with a 4-loop maximum, with a refresh time of no less than one second. Sound is not permitted.

Send your request to:

Be sure to include Image to be approved.
Please supply URL if you will be linking to a website.


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