Traveling, pets and winter

Posted On 02/10/2010 17:09:40 by The_Hallway_Monitor

Winter is right around the corner and if you are going to travel with your pets, be Prepared-make sure if staying at a hotel, they are pet friendly and if there are any restrictions or fees.  La quinta hotels have been found to be very pet friendly. 

Traveling in the car with pets can get a little harry at times. Be wary as dogs sometimes hit the power window button and the window opens and can scare you to death. Be sure to lock the windows so that doesn't happen to you :) Products that makes my life on the road a little easier are things like the automotive aircare purifier, pet SUV cargo mats, dog car seat covers, dog pet care seats, and the handy water dispenser. check out   Supplies for the Traveling Pet Available at Low Prices and Free Shipping!

This is interesting, you may leave home with no flees or ticks, but in the middle of your trip BANG there is an explosion of flees everywhere. 
 This will help you Protect your pet from fleas & ticks. Save up to 50% when you buy the best flea & tick products at PetCareRx.

Winter travel with our pets, we need to protect them from the weather especially  if you are traveling in states where it snows. Keeping your pets warm is the key for a happy pet, so always have a couple of fleece jackets or fleece hoodies, muttluks
, doggie rainsuit or a doggie snowsuit.

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06/16/2010 11:17:44
From: Doug_at_Grapevine
Pets are people too.....:}

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